Erika Jayne is a new writer, who can’t help but write.

Having trained in Drama and Music, Erika Jayne found that her love for words and emotions spilt over into creating her own worlds and characters. Characters that you can’t help but fall in love with.

Erika Jayne shall use this blog to keep track of my journey from unknown writer to possibly published author. She shall also place sections of her own writing in her blog, for feedback and hopefully to make herself improve.

Fun facts about Erika Jayne:

  • She was born in Bristol, UK.

  • Erika Jayne is also a singer and has a history of performing.

  • She writes about 400,000 words a year in novels and short stories. (Not counting emails.)

  • Her favorite drinks are coffee (Black with out sugar) and a lovely cuppa tea.

  • She can not cook to save her life, and even manages to burn beans on toast.

  • Her favorite food is Italian food.